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From the Desk of President (SIS)

To begin with, I would like to thank all my professional collogues for nominating me for this position and showing their solidarity with me. I assure all concerned that I’ll try my best to full fill the dreams of our founder members and would like to see the Society rescaling  great heights. The information scientist’s community is increasingly taking advantage of the power of computing, both to manage and analyze data, and communications. The working group of Information Professionals at SIS, should investigate the needs of users, and training. It should take into account efforts to create a national information resource pool, and look at working with other agencies (particularly and DOE) to ensure that the researchers & policymaker’s  needs are met.

It should also investigate the impediments researchers face in utilizing high-end information handling tools, such as a paucity of researchers with cross-disciplinary skills. The Society should consider both today's unmet needs and the growing requirements over the next five years (a reasonable horizon for extrapolating the advances in the rapidly changing fields of Information Handling). Increasingly, researchers spend less time in their "wet labs" gathering data and more time on computation. As a consequence, more researchers find themselves working in teams to harness the new technologies. A broad segment of the research community perceives a shortfall of suitably educated people who are competent to support those teams. This is the juncture where our society can play a very crucial role. The overarching need is for an intellectual fusion of information science, information handling, and the technology. To make the growing body of data available in a form suitable for study and use, the Society should establish a new training programs directed toward the principles and practice of information storage, curation, analysis, and retrieval (ISCAR). We have to work hard towards up gradation of skills, knowledge and services. We will be organizing regular national & international programmes to enhance the exchange of knowledge.

I wish all the best to the Society and all of my professional collogues.


The President